Earth Spells and James

Earth Spells by James offers a wide variety of spells and services. I also offer accurate psychic readings. Earth Spells by James began, so I could share my gifts with others and genuinely help people. I look forward to using my abilities to bring you positive results. My name is James. When I was eleven years old my grandmother took me to a clearing in a small patch of woods behind her home. She proceeded to tell me I had a gift. I was young, but I knew what she meant. She told me that we were at a special place, and her mother had also taken her there. She then asked if I would like to learn. I told her I was eager, so she handed me a broom to sweep the ground pure, and the lessons began. That was over thirty years ago, that special place, is now my own backyard.

The time comes in everyone's life, when they could use a helping hand. Think hard about what you need to obtain true happiness. Whether it's having your true love back in your life, or ending your money problems. I can help you. I have been performing spells for well over twenty five years, and I have helped countless people. I have performed every spell on the Earth Spells site many times, as well as created thousands of spells to suit almost any need or desire. I am honest, and I genuinely care for all the clients who choose me to cast a spell for them. I will give 110% to ensure you obtain great results.

My goal is for you to feel comfortable, before moving forward with any spells or other services. I will take the time to explain things to you, and provide you with honest advice, to what is best for your situation. I do not pressure anyone into having a spell cast or reading performed. I always leave that decision up to you. I provide you with honest information, and let you make the choice, to move forward or not.

Earth Spells Questions

What is the wait time before you cast my spell ? - I work most of my castings, with in a day of your purchase. In some cases, there may be an additional wait, for the best time, to work your casting. I will let you know this in our consultation before the spell.

When will I begin to see results ? - The majority of the time, results begin showing in just a couple days. Sometimes it may take a round a week. I explain the time line for your spell manifestation, so you know what to expect, and how fast.

What is time frame for contact after I order ? - I will get back to you with in one day. I will provide the time and date of your casting.

What information do you need for a custom spell ? - I require the same basic information as a regular casting. Your name and birthday. I do advise that you take some time, to provide me specific details of you wishes for the custom casting. This way, i can provide the best results for you.

What payment methods do you accept ? - I accept PayPal, they handle many different ways to pay, such as debit cards, echeck, and of course through a PayPal account.