Full Moon Spells

Join us on January 28th, for our full moon spell castings. We will begin at 11:35pm eastern USA time. Our powerful spells work to bring good luck and good fortune. The casting of our full moon spells, has helped many people turn their luck around. Let the power of the full moon work for you.

I am assisted by three close friends during the preparations of the spells. We have performed many successful spell castings together in the past. Their talents are at the very least equal to mine.

For our group full moon spells, all I need is your name and birthday. You may include one general request for luck. For example: Love, money, job, lottery, etc. Our full moon spells are cast for one person. It is a group spell, and there is a "flow" to the spell casting. The casting of our full moon spells, are not designed for complex issues. If you have a more complex issue, please contact me. I can set up a full moon spell just for you.


After you complete your full moon spell purchase. You will be taken to an order form. I will contact you, before we begin the full moon casting.

Our powerful full moon spells, will bring great results before the next full moon. Most clients begin to see results, in just a few days.

Details from previous spells can be found here. I update this information after every full moon spell is completed.

Moon Spells

The use of different moon phases, has been used in spell casting, from the beginning. While many of you are all very familiar with the full moon, and new moon. There are other powerful moon phases in between them. The crescent, first quarter and gibbous moon phases, are part of the waxing moon. That is the moon phase, where the moon grows from a new moon to a full moon. The disseminating, last quarter and balsamic moon phases, are part of the waning moon. This is the moon phase where the full moon shrinks from a full moon to a new moon. While casting my powerful moon spells, I rely on the powers of these various moon phases, for specific issues. Other elements, such as birthdates, and spiritual connections also play roles in choosing a specific moon phase, for spell casting.


James is a wonderful he worked with me through the hard times, and told me to stay strong, my life was really bad and James took the time to be a friend and help me. I have new confidence in myself and am happy again thanks to James - Chloe

I was in love with David for three years, but he just wanted to be friends, That was until you cast you spell for me. We have been together now for 6 weeks, and I am so happy, We are soulmates, and will be together forever, thank you james.

I cant thank you enough I was trying to get that promotion for seven months exactly two weeks after casting of your spell I was called in and I got the job of my dreams I wish I would of found you sooner, Thank you so much James you are my angel. - Leeza