New Moon Spells

I will be casting my new moon spells on December 14. The new moon is one of the most powerful phases of the moon. Having a skilled and dedicated spell caster harness that energy for you is crucial. For thousands of years the new moon has symbolized re-birth and new beginnings. Ending a cycle of bad luck or starting new, is what the power of the new moon will yield for you. Using a powerful spell, handed down to me through generations, I will bring the fresh start you desire. I will bring the changes, in the areas of life you choose, as well as effecting your everyday life in a positive way. The focus of my new moon spell casting, can be used for a positive new beginning, or to end a negative cycle in one or more of the following:

Bringing a new love into your life.
A new start, romantically with your lover.
A new start financially.
Positive new money.
New lottery, and/or gambling luck.
Bringing new confidence, clarity and luck to life.
A new career, and success in life.

I will use the power of the new moon, to bring a new start, to your chosen issues. I will re-enforce the spell casting on the waxing crescent moon of December 17th as well.

Please contact me, if you have any questions about my new moon spells. I am always happy to help, and provide guidance.


After completing your purchase. You will be taken to an order form. I will contact you before I begin your new moon spell casting. After completion of your new moon spell, I will provide a time line for manifestation. Most clients begin to see results, in just a few days.

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Business is BOOMING, started about three weeks after the casting THANK YOU! ~ Roger

Your new moon spell did the trick. Life is so much better. I got the job I wanted, and found a good woman.

James you changed my life I found a wonderful man who is caring and so kind. I had given up on love until I found you. Words can not describe how thankfull I am.

I've been beating my buddies like crazy at our weekly poker game. Won $777 on a scratchoff as well Your awesome ~ Carlos 

10lbs in two weeks, is a great start looking to lose more with time thanks for getting me started ~ Candy

I can't believe I heard from her after nearly a year. We talked for hours I'm hoping it is the start of something wonderful I will keep you informed.

I felt a wonderful energy during the Full Moon. Keep up the great work! ~ Cat

I tried the casino last night and I won $3,000.00. My daughter won $200.00. In 10 days look at the result I got "fantastic" Thank you. Carmen - Wealth Spell 

You have been amazing!!! The spells are working!! And they are working fast!!! For the very first time, my whole property portfolio is well rented out!!! My husband's bonus was much more than what he was expecting! There are no words to describe my gratitude. I'm so glad I found you!!! I also appreciate that you return my emails right away. It gives me comfort! A. R. - Supreme Spell - London 

Wonderful results, Tom called after 4 months, and we had a nice lunch together. I know things will get better each day. Thank You ! Lori - Return Spell