Full Moon Spell Details

It was another wonderful night of full moon castings, a total of 82 joined us on this powerful night. I worked castings in the afternoon, so Joel, Lacey and Shelly, helped with most of the early set up. They are wonderful friends, and I enjoy working with them very much. We had everything set up around 10:00pm, and went out to prepare the altar, along with the grounds for the night. There was a light snow, which made for a beautiful backdrop. The actual casting details are below:

We lit all the candles, and recited ancient passages of verse to bring luck to all those in the spell. We then anointed the candles individually, brought them up to the altar, and performed a ritual for the person the candle represented. Many of you sent me information for specific wishes or problems needing attention. We took added time for each of you, to focus on solving those problems or granting your wishes. We then returned your candle to the circle, and added blessings. After we completed that for everyone, we focused again, to bring good luck and fortune to all in the ceremony. To close the spell and ritual we let the candles burn down naturally. The spells were completed around 7:00am, and we then added blessings for all.

Many Thanks and Blessings,


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