Psychic Readings

I will provide you a personal, extremely detailed accurate psychic reading sent to your email. I will use my talents to give you the knowledge to free yourself from the burdens of the present. And clear the uncertainty of the future. The information I receive during your psychic reading will come to me through mental images, spirits, dreams, or strong feelings of optimism, or caution. I will use this information, to provide you the accurate answers you need. And help you find the path of life, you wish to follow. If you have any questions, about my accurate psychic readings, please let me know. I am always here to help. Please limit your information to one question or issue.  


You will be taken to an order form after your purchase. I will contact you with the time and date of your reading. This will be with-in 24 hours.

Readings by James

Thank you James for the great reading. I knew in my heart not to trust him, but you gave me the insight and vision to move on with my life. I am free and know what t the future holds. Like you told me I would find a great guy and I did. I am finall happy. - Lynda

James, you are phenomenal, You have given me hope and always GREAT advice to hang on, you saw what I could not, the spell worked he contacted me!! You are the BEST at what you do, I can count on you for success  and great advice, not only as a client but as a friends, Love you James Thanks again - Mandi123

Hello James, You are really great! You amazingly described my ex-husband's personality so clearly and accurately. I am feeling so lucky to find a caring and sincere person like you. I really appreciate your quick replies, your friendly and helpful emails. Thank you so much for your kindness. Tati - Reading

James is a wonderful man he worked with me through the hard times, and told me to stay strong, my life was really bad and James took the time to be a friend and help me. I have new confidence in myself and am happy again thanks to James - Chloe